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How would it feel to stir up your creative juices and take a fun journey as you co-create this time of your life?

According to John Lennon, life happens when you’re making other plans.

What if …

  • You could take some control back and be the one making the plans and making it happen?
  • Have others support you and cheer you on?
  • Learn some creative life hacks to make it easier and more enjoyable?
  • Learn what to do when life throws you a curve?

You can. Here’s your chance to pull together the random pieces of yourself in a different way for a fresh, energized new start.

Join other like-minded women in a unique program that puts Career… Life… Physical changes back in perspective. Have serious fun doing serious work. 

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”

C. S. Lewis

Using creative tools, muses, guided relaxation exercises and short, fun writing prompts we will go on a 6 week journey together. Although we leave room for creative detours, the itinerary will be as follows:

Week One:  Connection and Commitment – Setting intentions for the journey and protecting yourself from hijackers (you know who they are!) Perhaps a bodyguard is in order?

Week Two:  Paying attention and thinking differently. Awareness is always first. Only then can you begin to reframe and reimagine.

Week Three:  Having fun and falling in love with YOU. Figuring out the best ways to nurture your physical and spiritual self.

Week Four:  Life is a creative process. Be who you are with a little audaciousness. What makes you feel sassy?

Week Five:  Finding and accepting the gifts of the shadow. Letting go with gratitude.

Week Six:  The Power of Kaizen and Celebrating the journey. How will you continue on your own?

Are you ready to begin? The investment is only $330 and the return will ripple out for years to come.

Thursdays 6:30 – 8:00 pm ET

February 21 – March 28, 2019

via the magic of Zoom, a free online video app

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