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Writing is the key to an expansive next stage of life!

If you’re ready to step onto a new path and explore what is alive and true in you, writing will show you the way.

If you’re at a point in life where you want to exercise your creativity, live differently, think new thoughts and move closer to your true self, writing will help you get there.

Often, by the time we head into midlife, we feel a little flat or off balance. We may have a hard time seeing possibilities. We hear the clock ticking. We begin looking for Me 2.0.

Nothing is terrible.  It’s just that one day you looked around and started humming “is that all there is”.

Writing is the key that gets you moving.

Writing is transformational. It captures your language, your thoughts, your belief systems. It brings awareness to your inner conversations.

Without that awareness, nothing will change.

Life will go on. Oh, you may notice an occasional simmering unease. But without shining a light on it, nothing will change.

Well, wait. That’s not totally true. Things will change around you. Your situation may change. People will come and go. But you will be left with little in the way of processing these changes, exerting any semblance of control or even choosing how you react to them.

Writing is the key that unlocks doors.

It gifts you with a view of what is. It shines its light on the pretty and the not so pretty. Life becomes fully disclosed.

You begin to see options. The power of your writing then helps you sift through those options.

It’s no longer just about what is. It also is about what could be.

It’s your journey. Will you take the wheel?

Join me for a 4-week Women’s Wisdom Circle and begin

Writing  Your Way into Midlife and Beyond.

Wednesdays, May 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd 

6:30 – 8 pm ET

Early Bird pricing $199 through 4/26/19

Regular price $220 4/27 to registration close date of 4/30/19

Online through the magic of Zoom

Writing  is they key that propels you into the possibilities and riches of the next stage of life.

There is power in the language you use each day in both your internal and external conversations. Writing brings awareness to this language. It solidifies, clarifies and make your language real. When it is real and tangible you now have the opportunity to observe and challenge your thinking. At that point you have a clean sheet of paper on which you can develop new language and thought patterns.

All writing experience levels are welcome – from beginner to seasoned. This isn’t about a final finished piece of writing. There’s no editing or critiquing. This is about your process and discovery.

Over the four weeks, I will provide writing prompts and other exercises so you can begin to:

  • Excavate old dreams
  • Challenge old beliefs
  • Explore new ideas
  • Find threads
  • Acquire tools for successful life transitions
  • Answer small questions
  • Uncover the next small step on your new journey

Join our Women’s Wisdom Circle, a unique program that puts Career… Life… Physical changes back in perspective. Have serious fun doing serious work. 

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream

C. S. Lewis

The journey…

We meet each week online using the free video conference app Zoom. Each time we meet during our four-week journey together I will offer creative tools, guided relaxation, and other short, fun activities in addition to writing prompts. There will be time for sharing your writing and receiving feedback or ideas. (Sharing is totally optional and each week you will have the opportunity to choose to share or not.) Although we leave room for creative detours, the itinerary will be as follows:

Week One:  Connection, Commitment and Kaizen

Connect with your fellow travelers and set your intention for your journey. Through guided relaxation and short writing exercises you will begin to observe how you see life as it is now and where it feels uneasy. You will begin the journey back to your true self that might have been left behind in a busy life. I will introduce the concept and power of Kaizen. We’ll also talk about hijackers (you probably know who they are!) Perhaps a bodyguard is in order?

Week Two:  Paying attention and thinking differently.

Bring more awareness and thinking differently into your journey. We’ll explore what happens when you begin paying attention – without your inner critic. You will come up with ways that work for you to get out of your own way and think a little differently. Only then can you begin to reframe and reimagine what this next stage of life could be. And, of course we will write.

Week Three:  Play, Love and Self-Care and a little Audacity

While play is often associated with creating, have you ever considered the role of self-love and self-care? We’ll recover our sense of silly and figure out ways to nurture your physical and spiritual self.  These two concepts are often ignored in our busy lives, but can make an enormous difference as you move forward in creating your new story.

Add some audacity to your life as you approach it as a creative process. What makes you feel sassy? Real? Can you embrace your imperfections and open up to creative detours? Don’t deprive the world of your beautiful self.

Week Four:  Our shadow side, letting go with gratitude.

Without light and dark we have no dimension. Our dark side has gifts to offer. We will also look at the Pause a little closer. How can you relax into it with joy and gratitude?

We will end our time together in celebration of the journey you have begun and a reminder about staying in Kaizen.

Contact me with any questions.
Or maybe you’re ready to begin?

Go ahead and toss a pebble in your pond. Be in awe of what ripples out.

Join this Women’s Wisdom Circle.

The investment is small and you will feel the return for years to come.

Wednesdays, 6:30 – 8:00 pm ET

May 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd

Early Bird pricing $199 through 4/26/19

Regular price $220 4/27 to registration close date 4/30/19

via the magic of Zoom, a free online video app

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