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I have found that groups of women gathered together (whether online or in person) for a specific purpose is a powerful assembly. It is full of insight, perception, life experience and compassion. It is a place to feel witnessed and heard. It is a place to ask for what you need. It is a place to be quiet or to come into the center and share. It can include master mind time, writing, shared work time and accountability.

It’s also a place to see yourself in a new and beautiful light.

When I create these circles, I do so with great intention.

We always begin with a guided relaxation. This sets the tone, enables you to leave behind the busyness of our day and, particularly in a virtual setting, allows us to feel embraced by a gentle circle.

We observe certain guiding principles:

  • Kindness
  • Respect
  • Leaving content of the circle in the circle.
  • Offering fellow members only that which they’ve requested
  • No telling what to do
  • The incorporation of small questions

These elements contribute to the creation of a safe space with a little magic and where everyone is welcomed whoever they are and wherever they are in their life.

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