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Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

~Mary Oliver

What if …

you could begin to see possibilities?

you could enjoy the journey?

 the journey was the goal and the goal was the journey?

There is a voice inside you who wants to remind you of what is alive and true in you even though you may have forgotten. You deserve to explore and find satisfaction in a life well and authentically lived.

Are you ready?

Contact me and we’ll set up a time to chat. We’ll talk about what you see as possibilities and how you’d like to feel in this next stage of life.

We’ll also get a sense of our compatibility as travel companions and explore how I might help you navigate this wonderful state of life. You will begin the journey to shape the new story of you.

Here are three ways to work with me:

Your Book Midwife


Are you in the middle of a writing project?

Fiction, non-fiction? Memoir, inspirational?

Are you having trouble starting or keeping going?

When you work with me as your writing coach you don’t have to do this alone.

You will:

  • Build the foundation of your book
  • Be able to articulate your vision
  • Know your reader
  • Develop a writing practice that works for you
  • Show up for yourself!

Learn more HERE.  Better yet, join me for a virtual cup of coffee to learn more about how we might work together to make your dream a reality.

Facilitated Groups

Offer 1

Three times a year, I gather small groups of women into online groups that incorporate writing, coaching, thinking differently, inspiring muses, a lot of creative expression and tons of fun.

It’s a great opportunity to pause in the busyness of your everyday life and feel the excitement of possibilities. Whether you choose to jump start your writing practice or explore your writing voice or discover your voice – period! – these circles will harness the energy of a group to open you up to your creativity. Life can never look the same again!

WRITING THROUGH AUTUMN,  a Three Month Writing Circle, begins in September.

For more information and to register click HERE.

Private Coaching

offer 2

Everyone’s story is special; every dream unique. With private coaching you and I are able to fine tune and customize a program that fits your particular needs. Beginning with a package of 4 coaching calls you get to use creative tools and creative thinking principles as you begin to discover the powerful blend of your creative spirit, energy, experience, values and beliefs that will allow you to create the next stage of your life with awareness and grace.

Knowing that everyone’s situation is unique, I often tailor a package to fit an individual’s needs. After all, this is creativity coaching!

CONTACT me to learn about pricing, to inquire about custom packages and to set up an introductory call and learn how this coaching will best serve you.

I really enjoy the Kaizen-Muse aspects of coaching with Kathy – small questions, small steps, and especially Parallel Universe time. Overall, what’s worked best for me along with the KMCC approach is that Kathy listens to me, and helps me talk through my own solutions to my blocks and offers encouragement and support as I move forward to try new things. I highly recommend being coached by Kathy!

Mary L. Cash, Pine, CO

Before we started I might have thought that Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching™ was a “system” which I don’t tend to like. But now I am much clearer about how it all works, and very comfortable with the way you personally apply the coaching model. If you ask what was the most helpful, I would have to say lots of things: credit reports, small steps, your particular insight and way of summing up (I love the follow-up emails with observations, suggestions and lovely pictures), doing flow-writing “live”, the lovely centering exercise. Overall, I have gained new ways of thinking and ideas for nourishing my creative self.

Anyone who wishes to reconnect with their heart would benefit from working with you. You are a naturally intuitive coach who helped me refocus and feel more myself again.

Beth E., Morristown, NJ

Regarding your Creativity Age program, I would say that if you feel like you are at a cross road in your life or would like to step onto a new career path but are unsure of how and when that journey will begin or even what it will look like, this program is for you. It is a chance to momentarily quiet the logical critic in you and allow a deeper, more truthful part of you to bubble to the surface with refreshing insight.

S. R., Gladstone, NJ

After just one session I was experiencing the JOY that I thought was long lost.  Without really thinking about it realizations came to me through small questions.  I still can’t believe the progress made in such a short time. The best is on the days you may be too busy or too stressed and just want to cancel… this coaching session without a doubt gets you back on track.

I can’t say enough about how much more alive and creative that I feel inside.  I’m a new and better me.

Veronica Paduch
Aloha Health & Wellness

Kathy creates an inviting space as she coaches. She has a quiet calmness about her as she listens intently and formulates a spectrum of small questions. She helped me see layers of a habit that I’ve been carrying around like old baggage and also helped unearth and dust off creative treasures inside of me. I’m now allowing for more creativity in my life and it feels good!


Tracy Wallace
Creative Insight Numerology

I had been looking for someone to help me explore options and discern my next direction in life, as well as break through some creative doldrums, when I found Kathy. Working with her is like settling in with a trustworthy best friend. She listens intently, then uses her insight and intuition to ask the right questions—questions that allow me to discover my own answers. She also offers ideas and input when I ask for them.

Small step by small step, I’m making actual progress. Sessions with Kathy are full of aha’s, and her follow-up emails reinforce the takeaways from each session. Kathy is a fabulous coach, and coaching with her is a priceless gift.

Donna Mills
Prints On Purpose
Let's Connect
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