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The question for writing then is this:

how long are you willing to be unheard?

– Peter Elbow
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I have found that groups of women gathered together (whether online or in person) for a specific purpose is a powerful assembly. It is full of insight, perception, life experience and compassion. It is a place to feel witnessed and heard. It is a place to ask for what you need. It is a place to be quiet or to come into the center and share.

It’s also a place to see yourself in a new and beautiful light.

When I create these circles, I do so with great intention.

We always begin with a guided relaxation. This sets the tone, enables us to leave behind the busyness of our day and, particularly in a virtual setting, allows us to feel embraced by a gentle circle.

We observe certain guiding principles in the writing circles:

  • Kindness and Respect
  • No criticism, suggestion or question is directed toward the writer in response to first draft, freshly written work. We only respond to the writing with what is working and what stays with the listener.
  • The teaching of craft is conducted through exercises that invite experimentation and growth as well as through observation of and listening to what is working for the writer herself and the others.
  • Confidentiality about what is written in the workshop is maintained and the privacy of the writer is protected.

These elements contribute to the creation of a safe space with a little magic and where everyone is welcomed whoever they are and wherever they are in their life.

Maybe you’re bringing a character to life in story, or you’re trying to hear your own story in the midst of the noise and chaos of the world. Perhaps you are here to teach and inspire. Whatever the case, I know you are a writer. I also know that as writers, we need to begin again and again.

Any process that shakes up our ideas and creates a safe space to explore and play moves us forward into our book’s next page or chapter or even into our next stage of life or business.

But sometimes it’s hard to begin or keep going. Whether you’re new or an old pro.

And that’s where I come in.

Because I make it easy and fun to find your way onto the page.

And when you do, you discover some wonderful things.

You discover:

  • A unique voice inside that may have been silent
  • A way onto the page that makes it easier to get the writing started
  • Different ways of expressing your thoughts
  • New ideas around old opinions
  • Wonderful connections with other writers who are experiencing the same feelings as you
  • A way to soften your inner critic, to lower your self-expectations, and to be delighted with your results
  • A lot of FUN!

Or maybe this is you:

You have a writing practice and know that feeling of having to begin again and again. These circles will make it easier to get to your writing desk.

You have ideas but could use the structure of a writing group to get started.

You’re in the midst of a writing project and could use inspiration.

You already know you’re a writer and want to re-commit to your craft.

All of these things and more can happen when you experience an Amherst Writers and Artist’s writing workshop. (This is not a critique or editing group. It is a way onto the page, spontaneous writing, that is then shared and we as listeners/readers only focus on what stays with us and what is working in the freshly written piece.)

If you want to write more, you owe it to yourself to join a circle that will give you momentum.

If you’ve ever wondered if you could write, you owe it to yourself to investigate.

Wherever you are on continuum from the wannabe to the beginner to someone who is comfortable calling themselves a writer, you will find these circles a powerful. motivator.

Oh, and it’s a lot of FUN!

Come to one, a few or all!

Tuesday mornings, January 17th and February 21st, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm ET

Thursday evenings, February 16th, March 16th

$28 per session

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